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So you want to learn about the proper care of Guinea Pigs! Maybe (just maybe) I might take the time to like you after all. Anyone who owns a guinea pig should know the proper way to look after them. There's things like: Food, Bedding, Food, Grooming, Food, Exercise, Food and of course the weather!
The WEATHER?!? Yes. The weather. Too many people have guinea pigs and don't realise the influence the weather has. Here in Melbourne in January 2003, the temperature got to 44 degrees celcius (thats about 112 in the U.S. of A.) and unfortunately for a lot of guinea pigs, that is just too damned hot!
Luckily for my two guinea pigs "O-ska" & "Phealix" they were treated to bathing in our kitchen sink in the cold water and being inside with the air conditioner on. Then they had lots of juicy fruit and some lettuce to help re-hydrate them.

As you can tell from reading the start of this page, guinea pigs like to eat. But what exactly do they eat? They are fussy little buggers and you will find that sometimes what one guinea pig likes doesn't neccessarily mean that all guinea pigs are going like it. Although I do know that the majority of guinea pigs like fresh grass. The best way to find out what your guinea pig likes is to try lots of different things. Some suggestions are: Carrots, Celery, Watermelon, Spinach, Lettuce (but not a lot... it can cause diarrhea), Honey dew melon, Strawberries, Broccoli and of course the guinea pig mixtures available commercially.
Try to give them a variety of foods because just like us they need it.

Make sure they are warm and dry in their enclosure, Using straw / hay is good for their bedding and you might also see them eating it! Change the bedding regularly as they tend to make quite a mess where they sleep.



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