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There is only one thing better than Aussie Rules Football and that is The Mighty Bombers! They are the greatest team of footballers this world has. They hold the record for the most games won in a single season (21 out of 22 not including the Finals) and that year they also went on to win their 16th Grand Final. No other club in the history of AFL have won more premierships than Essendon. We have numerous day cups, about half a dozen night series cups and the only 'Lightning' cup. So all in all our trophy cabinet is absolutely chockers! (But there is always room for more!)

Essendon played in the finals again!!! (8 years in a row now, I think)

Not bad for a club that gets absolutely crucified by the umpires every week.

for a cool email address thats free and tells the world who you barrack for go to bombersfan.com

You've heard us sing the alternative versions of the other club songs, so now you can read the words here. You can email me some suggestions for the clubs we don't yet have. If your suggestions are any good, I might use them and even give you the credit for them!!

Below is a list of the current players who will make up this mighty team in 2004.

Number Name Nickname
Mark Johnson - a nuggetty little player who never stops trying Johnno
Ricky Dyson .
Aaron Henneman - good solid mark of the ball Arrow
Jobe Watson - son of club legend Tim Watson .
James Hird - the perfect footballer Sir James
Angus Monfries Gus
Dean Solomon - smart, tough footballer Solly
Jason Winderlich - new player this year, but can definately play Wunderbah
Adam Ramanauskas - fast, fit, fantastic footballer Ramma
Mark McVeigh - can tag an opponent and still get possesions himself Spike
Damien Peverill - the human glove, great tagger Pevs
Andrew Welsh - good back pocket player, can kick goals when up forward Woosha
Andrew Lovett Gotta
Jason Johnson - this man is like a steam train JJ
Courtenay Dempsey .
Kepler Bradley - new player KB
Scott Camporeale Campa
Matthew Lloyd (captain) - goal kicking machine Llllllllloydyyyyy
David Hille - good tall ruckman who never gives up Somerv (Hille)
Henry Slattery Slatts
Courtney Johns - gutsy, strong bloke shag
Tristan Cartledge - new player, has potential .
Mark Bolton - forward or back, good footballer Strap On
Brent Stanton Deliver
Scott Lucas - can definately kick a footy, loves to kick goals Luca
Chris Heffernan Heff
Jason Laycock - ruckman .
Richard Cole .
Joel Reynolds - Grandson of club legend Dick Reynolds JR
Patrick Ryder Paddy
Dustin Fletcher - Club champion, 200th game on 2 Aug 2003 against Carlton Inspecter Gadget
Andrew Lee .
Adam McPhee - good kick of the footy PhcMee
Jay Neagle - new player .
. .
Sam Lonergan - new player .
Austin Lucy .
Jay Nash - new player .
. .
. .
. .
. .
Dean Rioli - sliky smooth footballer with natural flair Rio

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