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Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah yes yes yes yes yes! Bottom is the funniest television show ever!

Its the sad pathetic story of two sad pathetic gits.
Eddie, whose real name is Edward Elizabeth Hitler, is played brillianlty by Adrian Edmonson.
Richie, real name Richard Richard, is superbly played by Rik Mayall.

The only bright light in Eddies' life is Richies' life is worse.
Both of these actors appeared in 'The Young Ones' (Vyvyan and Rick) and this comedy has all the slapstick qualities of 'The Young Ones' and then some more.

There's nothing Eddie likes more than a good stiff drink and a kebab and there's nothing Richie likes more than a shag! Well, he thinks he would like a shag, it's just that he's never actually had one. But that isn't going to stop him. If he can't get a shag, then he'll just have to take matters into his own hands!!
The show basically revolves around Richie trying to get a shag, or even a snog, but failing miserably and Eddie is always there to lend his support/take the piss out of him! The closest Richie gets to a real woman is when his neighbour, Mr Rottweiller, has a 'bird' upstairs. This is from the episode where the gasman comes to read the meter. Unfortunately for me I am yet to see all the episodes, but of the ones I have seen, they are all my favourite!

Poor sad little git Richie. Destined to stay a virgin until he dies. Eddie on the other hand does sometime score a shag and then likes to get drunk! Sound familiar?

They are each others worst enemy and yet each others best friend.