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Fred Schneider (vocals, organ, keyboard, bass, guitar)
Kate Pierson (vocals, organ, keyboard, bass, guitar)
Keith Strickland (drums, percussion)
Cindy Wilson (vocals, percussion, guitar)
Ricky Wilson (guitars)
Named after the towering bouffant hair-dos worn by Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson, The B-52's formed in late 1976 in Athens, Georgia. The groups first show was on Valentines Day 1977.
Naturally they were an instant hit, what with their musical genius and their outrageous dress sense (Just love those mini skirts and go-go boots on Kate and Cindy)
They soon released the ultimate party song of all time "Rock Lobster" and then they were snatched up by Warner Bros. and deservedly so!

Monday 1st March 2004 and the B-52's played a one off gig in Sydney, Australia and I just had to be there! They played
at the Hordern Pavillion and below is some of the photos I took of the band and the fans.
I know the quality of the
photos aint that great, sorry. (stoopid crappy digital camera)

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